Balloon Actress Anjali Stills


Balloon Actress Anjali Stills :

What marks the difference between a survivor and winner is perseverance and hard work.In a day and age where hundreds of actresses are making their debut every year in Tamil cinema, only a handful mark their presence. Actress Anjali is definitely one among them who has rose herself to stardom earning herself a reputation of being a brilliant performer.

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Spoked of ‘Balloon’ , Anjali says, “ I always make it a point to listen to the whole story and read the full bound script before committing to any script. I loved and accepted to do ‘Balloon’ not just because I love horror movies but I liked the script so much and the suspense element was brilliant. Though ‘Balloon’ is a horror thriller, it also has enough of romance, comedy and other emotions well blended. Director Sinish has defined each and every character very well. It is always a joy to work with Jai, who has done a dual role in this movie. My character in the movie is definitely not a usual one. I am sure the audience are going to enjoy and love ‘Balloon’ to the hilt. I am so happy that I have completed a decade as an actress and I want to work many more years and become a more successful actress and a performer “ .

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