‘Thirumanam’ திருமணம், the National Award Winning director & actor, Cheran returns back to silver screen after a gap of four long years. This intriguing romantic drama is written by Cheran himself. In fact Cheran’s movies are known to have the touch of reality and strong social messages.

Language: Tamil Movie
Movie Type: Romantic Drama
Release Date: 1st March, 2019
Director: Cheran
Stars: Cheran, Sukanya, Kavya Suresh, Umapathy Ramaiah
Music: Siddharth Vipin


Thirumanam is a Tamil romantic movie starring Umapathy Ramaiah and Kavya Suresh in leading roles. It also stars Cheran and lovely actor Sukanya. The story of this movie starts with the plot of a pre wedding phase between two youngsters and their family where financial aspects plays a pivotal role.

Don’t forget to book your tickets as this movie is scheduled to release on 1st of March. Tamil movie lovers are excited and have a lot of expectation from Cheran who have given us some memorable films in the past like Autograph, Pokkisham, Vetri Kodi kattu & Paandavar Bhoomi etc.

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